ePunjab School Web Portal brings Transparency in Education Department

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ePunjab School website is definitely an online software implemented across about 6,250 middle, high and senior secondary government schools for controlling information associated with students, instructors, school infrastructure, attendance, financial transactions, etc. The details are up-to-date each month through the school government bodies. The portal will quickly be implemented across about 13,000 remaining government primary schools.

Transparency in the Department of Education India with ePunjab
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Modules of ePunjab School website

Infrastructure Detail: Information associated with school infrastructure, building detail and college facilities are taken under this module. Information from the status of faculty building, condition of every single class, accessibility to fundamental needs like writing boards, electricity, furniture inside a school can also be covered. Accessibility to toilets, h2o, ramps, computer systems, etc, can also be covered to some degree.

 Staff Management: Information associated with teaching and non-teaching employees are taken as part of this module. Every parameter in the date of joining towards the retirement of the employee, along with other relevant information as needed by various branches of your practice department continues to be covered under this module. This post is broadly employed for rationalisation and change in instructors and also to connect to the future dependence on instructors along with other staff.

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